Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Are Special

Once upon a time there were wemmick’s. One of the wemmick’s name was Punchinello, Punchinello was one of the lamest wemmicks. There was something going on, all of the wemmick’s had a golden box full of stars and dots. Punchinello was one of the wemmick’s that got dots because he was not talented at all. One day Punchinello met a girl he had never seen before, her name was Lucia, she had no dots or stars.

Punchinello asked her “how do you do that” she said ”Go to Eli.” Punchinello said “Who’s Eli?” Lucia said “Go to that hill there is a house.” When he went to the house he said “Eli”

Eli replied “Punchinello is that you?” Punchinello asked “How would you know my name?” Eli said “I am your creator.” “How does Lucia have no stickers?” He said “Do you accept dots? Believe in my love for you and you will have no stars or dots. “Come to me everyday” said Eli.

As Punchinello walked out, a dot fell off his wooden body.