Thursday, April 10, 2014

My new book - The best book day ever (so far).

Today I started a new book called "Best book day ever (so far)" (its the book on top).  It is about a boy, who has a grumpy sister and two parents that think making his costume for book day (a day at the school he attends when the children have to dress as any character from any book).  He makes a choice, he wants to go as "the iron man".  But things go terribly wrong.  

Author: L.Pichon  

Khan academy

It has been recommended from my teacher, that me and another group of people should do a couple of activities on the website Khan academy.  I've been playing for under a month and have earned 18 badges in total and 36,975 energy points.

 Link - www.dashboard/
Also shows maths stratagies and cool maths games, I recommend you to use it for cool maths information

Stage 8 basic fact test - thursday 10th April.


I have completed my daily basic facts test, today I was very confident in my fraction size and converting decimal points into percentages.  My final score was 24/40, I am quite disappointed.  I think I need to work on my HCF(Highest common factor) and LCF(Lowest common factor).

The life caravan feedback.

In the life caravan, Lynn (the instructor) taught us as a class about the importance of the food pyramid, the food pyramid is made up of 5 bits.  It shows the what food groups are more important than another part.  We also learnt that there are 7 important nutrients that needs to be in your body every single day.  We watched a animated video based on a advertisement and fast food, the main phrase was “You are what you eat!”.  We were paired into 7 groups of 3 and 4, and we had to study 1 of 7 nutrients (Protein, Fats, Fiber, Minerals, Carbohydrate, Vitamins and water).  She paired us up again and played mini game with us called “Picturonary”.  The instructions was, we received a word, and without using words or signs, the other two have to guess what the other person is attempting to draw.  That game was fun and challenging.  Fried chicken, Deep fried chips and chocolate mousse.  We had to try and figure out ways to make these dishes more healthy or less fatty.  The diagnoses for it was:
Fried chicken - Instead of frying, roast or bbq (try seasoning).
Deep fried chips - Season with herbs, and bake.
Chocolate mousse - lower the amount.
Though the caravan was fun, I think that we missed behaved and should give her an apology.   With the caravan, My class and I could learn in important lesson.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The life caravan!

Life caravan

On tuesday the 8th of April, we (room7) were invited as a class to learn a lesson in a caravan called “The life caravan”.  A lady named Lynn, she welcomed us warmly and kindly.  Tallest to shortest, in a boy and girls line.  2 Years ago was the last time I went into the caravan, then I was a year 6.  In the life caravan, we learnt about the use of our organs, bones and systems.  To me, I found the caravan pretty useful because I want to become a brain surgeon.  Ohh, and also she taught us the importance of making choices.  

The life caravan was fun, I really enjoyed it because it was cool learning about 12 - 14 of our body systems.  I remember learning about 3 of them on the internet (Digestive system, Skeletal system and nervous system).  She taught us a lesson about making choices.  While we were in the caravan we met a new friend, called Pat.  She was a pull together (a doll that can be pulled apart).  We had to pull apart her organs and study them.  My group and I received the heart, I learnt that the human heart beats over 70 time in a minute, and that blood from the left hand (vein) provides blood for the heart.

We also learnt about a couple of things that our bodies needs (oxygen, sleep, food and water and a good shower).  At the end of our session we got to met another friend, named Harold the giraffe.  We learnt about the difference between information and facts, the jobs of our organs, the best gift of all and why we need to think.  I found the caravan pretty complicated, if I were to describe it to another person who wasn't there, I would describe it as beening educated and fun at the same time.  

9/4/14 - Stage 8 Basic facts test.

9/4/14 - Today I did a maths basic fact test, it was stage 8.  I was very impressed about the amount of facts I got right.  Though I was not impressed on my time I finished.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My milk presentation.

My class and I had to make an individual presentation based on milk, we had to gather resources from the anchor milk site and convert it into a presentation.  This year, our inquiry topic is milk, this term we are looking at the health perspective of milk.  I think I did good, I was quite confident and very fluent.  I have shared my presentation with my classmates, and they have judged me out of 5.  Now its your turn, please comment below, and judge me out of 5 for my presentation ideas.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My maths test.7/4/14

Today, I sat a quick basic facts test and I am slightly disappointed and also pretty proud.  My next goal is to sit a stage 8 test.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why I want to go to Sacred Heart.

I had to write a couple of reasons why I want to go to Sacred heart.

Sacred Heart, is one of the BEST colleges in Auckland.  Provides fair education and has a high quality of profession and sportsmanship!  I would love to experience what its like to attend a Catholic and high academic achievement college.   

One of the reasons I want to attend Sacred Heart college is because I want to have a great education and a great job and career, for example I trust that Sacred Heart would help me become the person I want to be!  Going to Sacred Heart would be a pleasure and an honour!  It will help me to achieve in life.
I also want to carry on my family tradition.  My older brother, went through Sacred Heart and is now working as a police officer.  He is a great role model for me and he got that from going to Sacred.  That is why I would to go to Sacred Heart College and be successful.

Going to Sacred Heart would be very cool and fun because I know a couple of guys there and also I want to learn about the different subjects and cultures.  Also I want to attend Sacred Heart is because Sacred Heart is a all boys school, they also encourage us to play lots of sports and at the same time they also encourage us to get a good education.  If I get accepted into Sacred Heart my family and I would be happy and excited.  I think Sacred Heart would be a great place for me, because I believe in the catholic religion and Sacred Heart also believe in God.  At Sacred Heart I want to achieve all my goals and all my dream!  My brother inspires me, and he himself attended Sacred Heart.  He has a good education, a good career and a good life.  I trust that Sacred Heart would do the same for me.

At Sacred Heart I want to become head boy and make my family proud of me.  I will leave St Pius as a leader, but start college as another small person.  I want to inspire others to go to Sacred Heart.

My E-asttle test & results.

This is my E-Asttle test (a test I sit to see what my curriculum level is) for writing.

Thursday 3rd April 2014 / E-Asttle.
A friend, a friend is someone you can trust and rely on.  You can also put your faith in them, but not all friends are trustworthy.  They may come out very kind on the outside, but in the inside they are very cruel and brutal.  Though remember, not ALL friends are bad.

A good friend may be someone you honour, and it can be a person that compares a lot with you.  A good friend can be loyal to all the important life choices you make.  To others this person can be a creative person.  Friends should always be there for one another, they can be someone you work cooperatively good with.  Or someone “special” in your life.  A cheerful person,  or even joyful and supportive.  They are kind and compassionate, a good friend can be all sorts of different definition to a lot of different people.  Though a good friend can be a “bad” person to others.  Like for example, a gang member someone could be a good friend with a gang member because they are inspired by all the crimes and misfits there committed.  But we must learn to respect other peoples choices.

At the end of the day a good friend come in all different forms, tall or short, wide or skinny they still are good friends.  Some people don’t have a good friend, or even a friend.  Some people are lonely, but remember we all have different hobbies and favourites.  Yet we are all not alone, because we have GOD!  God is good friend to all of us because he is not only our creator, but he is also our one God who brought us Jesus, our saviour.  When I am lonely with no good friends, I turn to God.

A good friend is pretty much the same thing as a best friend.  Good friends can keep promises and secrets.  They can remind you when you are getting off track or when to stop and think.  With a good friend you can share a lot of good memories.  We make memories everyday with our good friends, we share good times, bad times and funny time.  Making new memories are fun and also they can be upsetting.  Memories can come in different sorts too.  Photos, videos, drawings and stories.  

Thats why to me the power of friendship is one of the most powerful, magnificent and happiest power of all.  Its what makes the world go round.

Rubric level



My goal is to reach level 5 for my Ideas.
My goal is to get a R5 or 6 for my structure.
My goal is to organise at level 4.
My goal is to reach R6 for vocabulary.
My goal is to reach level 4.
my goal is to receive a R5.
My goal for spelling is to reach R6.

The day my meatball sub took over the WORLD!

Free Writing / Narrative - The day my meatball sub took over the WORLD!
One day I was starving to death so I decided to get a meatball sub ( from subway of course ).  I entered the tidy shop and the shopkeeper greeted me very friendly.  “One meatball sub please!” I told the friendly man,
“coming right up!”
He dashed over to the heater and grabbed a foot long piece of crispy white bread.  He carefully divided the bread and put meatballs into it.  “What would you like for your cheese?”
“Ahhhh, hmmm” as I was thinking I saw that there was a brand new cheese “Evil cheese” was printed on the shiny window.  “ Ohhhh, can I try the new cheese?” the man hesitated and swallowed slowly and said “okay”,  his cheesy (heh cheesy) smile seemed dodgy, but I was starving to death.  “Toasted?”
“Yes please” the man seemed to lose the friendly look.  He toasted my half made sub and before I knew it he had finished my sub.

Walking back home my sub seemed more heavier than normal so then I decided to open up my sub and there it was, just standing there.  My sub had grown legs, I was terrified (and I also lost my appetite).  I screamed and shouted then my sub began to grow and grow.  It flew away before I could eat it, I was disappointed and still starving.  “Hey wait, did my sub just turn into a giant monster” at this moment I realized that I needed to get a FULL refund.  I marched into the tidy shop with anger and the first thing that caught my sight was the 27 inch Tv, on the tv was the breaking news “ BREAKING NEWS, A meatball sub as taking over the WORLD, please remain in shelter.  Over 200 people has been feed to death by the large monster, and there's no saying where he could strike nex-- ahhhhhh” the tv signal was interrupted by a big stomp.  I ran with fear outside and then started to realize.  “Wait a minute, that crazy lady said that they were FED to death, and i’m starving.  I need to find that crazy meatball monster thing so that he can feed me.  I smiled with excitement and also hunger.  “One ticket to wherever that crazy monster freaky delicious and big thing is.  “What?”
“ I said one ticket to wherever that crazy monster freaky delicious and big thing is”
“ look kid, I don’t know where that is, but here you can have a lollipop.”
The breaking new came on AGAIN“ Breaking NEWS!  The monster has now struck New York, and is--- ahhhhh”
“ Okay one ticket to New York.”
“ okay that will be, 1,000 dollars”
“ WHAT, but I only have 3 dollars, how about a 997 dollar discount”
“ How about NO!”
The man then told me to exit the building, I left with sadness and disappointment.  As I stood outside I realized that it was very very cloudy, and it curiously smelt like meatballs.  I looked up for a cloud and to my surprise I saw a crazy monster freaky delicious and big thing (that crazy thing on the news).  I smiled in happiness and jumped up and down.  He grabbed me and put meatballs in me, I was get the best feed in the WORLD!  The monster noticed me laughing and thought that I was joking around with him.

Out of my pocket I grabbed my knife and fork, and I poked my fork into his heart and cut a piece.  He roared viscously at me, he lost his grip he had on me.  I climb into his mouth and ate his tongue and one meatball.  He fell to the ground, police sirens, the fire department and the ambulance all raced to the monster.  “Put your hands up!”
I climbed out of his mouth, “Victory!”
Everybody yelled and celebrated, but there was one small problem....... I was still starving.  “Wait a minute, there is a giant meatball sub right in front of me!“  I noticed a woman eating it, joined by a man, and another person with a baby attached to her chest.  Before I knew it the whole town began eating the big monster, I smiled to myself and joined the whole town.  

I was stuffed and full, I realized all I need is desert.  KiwiYo, the frozen yogurt store.  I walked to the nearest KiwiYo store and bought a strawberry yogurt, with pineapple lumps and chocolate syrup.  Suddenly I was aware that there was a new topping, “dark gummy bears” ohh and dark gummy bears.  The waitress gazed at me, the look was very unfriendly and really grey.  She dumped the gummy bears onto my sundae and pushed it towards me.  Walking home, I noticed that my frozen yogurt seemed a little heavy.   Opened my plastic bag I there, was a terrifying Ice-man! (heheheheh get it, ice-man).