Thursday, April 3, 2014

My E-asttle test & results.

This is my E-Asttle test (a test I sit to see what my curriculum level is) for writing.

Thursday 3rd April 2014 / E-Asttle.
A friend, a friend is someone you can trust and rely on.  You can also put your faith in them, but not all friends are trustworthy.  They may come out very kind on the outside, but in the inside they are very cruel and brutal.  Though remember, not ALL friends are bad.

A good friend may be someone you honour, and it can be a person that compares a lot with you.  A good friend can be loyal to all the important life choices you make.  To others this person can be a creative person.  Friends should always be there for one another, they can be someone you work cooperatively good with.  Or someone “special” in your life.  A cheerful person,  or even joyful and supportive.  They are kind and compassionate, a good friend can be all sorts of different definition to a lot of different people.  Though a good friend can be a “bad” person to others.  Like for example, a gang member someone could be a good friend with a gang member because they are inspired by all the crimes and misfits there committed.  But we must learn to respect other peoples choices.

At the end of the day a good friend come in all different forms, tall or short, wide or skinny they still are good friends.  Some people don’t have a good friend, or even a friend.  Some people are lonely, but remember we all have different hobbies and favourites.  Yet we are all not alone, because we have GOD!  God is good friend to all of us because he is not only our creator, but he is also our one God who brought us Jesus, our saviour.  When I am lonely with no good friends, I turn to God.

A good friend is pretty much the same thing as a best friend.  Good friends can keep promises and secrets.  They can remind you when you are getting off track or when to stop and think.  With a good friend you can share a lot of good memories.  We make memories everyday with our good friends, we share good times, bad times and funny time.  Making new memories are fun and also they can be upsetting.  Memories can come in different sorts too.  Photos, videos, drawings and stories.  

Thats why to me the power of friendship is one of the most powerful, magnificent and happiest power of all.  Its what makes the world go round.

Rubric level



My goal is to reach level 5 for my Ideas.
My goal is to get a R5 or 6 for my structure.
My goal is to organise at level 4.
My goal is to reach R6 for vocabulary.
My goal is to reach level 4.
my goal is to receive a R5.
My goal for spelling is to reach R6.

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