Thursday, April 3, 2014

The day my meatball sub took over the WORLD!

Free Writing / Narrative - The day my meatball sub took over the WORLD!
One day I was starving to death so I decided to get a meatball sub ( from subway of course ).  I entered the tidy shop and the shopkeeper greeted me very friendly.  “One meatball sub please!” I told the friendly man,
“coming right up!”
He dashed over to the heater and grabbed a foot long piece of crispy white bread.  He carefully divided the bread and put meatballs into it.  “What would you like for your cheese?”
“Ahhhh, hmmm” as I was thinking I saw that there was a brand new cheese “Evil cheese” was printed on the shiny window.  “ Ohhhh, can I try the new cheese?” the man hesitated and swallowed slowly and said “okay”,  his cheesy (heh cheesy) smile seemed dodgy, but I was starving to death.  “Toasted?”
“Yes please” the man seemed to lose the friendly look.  He toasted my half made sub and before I knew it he had finished my sub.

Walking back home my sub seemed more heavier than normal so then I decided to open up my sub and there it was, just standing there.  My sub had grown legs, I was terrified (and I also lost my appetite).  I screamed and shouted then my sub began to grow and grow.  It flew away before I could eat it, I was disappointed and still starving.  “Hey wait, did my sub just turn into a giant monster” at this moment I realized that I needed to get a FULL refund.  I marched into the tidy shop with anger and the first thing that caught my sight was the 27 inch Tv, on the tv was the breaking news “ BREAKING NEWS, A meatball sub as taking over the WORLD, please remain in shelter.  Over 200 people has been feed to death by the large monster, and there's no saying where he could strike nex-- ahhhhhh” the tv signal was interrupted by a big stomp.  I ran with fear outside and then started to realize.  “Wait a minute, that crazy lady said that they were FED to death, and i’m starving.  I need to find that crazy meatball monster thing so that he can feed me.  I smiled with excitement and also hunger.  “One ticket to wherever that crazy monster freaky delicious and big thing is.  “What?”
“ I said one ticket to wherever that crazy monster freaky delicious and big thing is”
“ look kid, I don’t know where that is, but here you can have a lollipop.”
The breaking new came on AGAIN“ Breaking NEWS!  The monster has now struck New York, and is--- ahhhhh”
“ Okay one ticket to New York.”
“ okay that will be, 1,000 dollars”
“ WHAT, but I only have 3 dollars, how about a 997 dollar discount”
“ How about NO!”
The man then told me to exit the building, I left with sadness and disappointment.  As I stood outside I realized that it was very very cloudy, and it curiously smelt like meatballs.  I looked up for a cloud and to my surprise I saw a crazy monster freaky delicious and big thing (that crazy thing on the news).  I smiled in happiness and jumped up and down.  He grabbed me and put meatballs in me, I was get the best feed in the WORLD!  The monster noticed me laughing and thought that I was joking around with him.

Out of my pocket I grabbed my knife and fork, and I poked my fork into his heart and cut a piece.  He roared viscously at me, he lost his grip he had on me.  I climb into his mouth and ate his tongue and one meatball.  He fell to the ground, police sirens, the fire department and the ambulance all raced to the monster.  “Put your hands up!”
I climbed out of his mouth, “Victory!”
Everybody yelled and celebrated, but there was one small problem....... I was still starving.  “Wait a minute, there is a giant meatball sub right in front of me!“  I noticed a woman eating it, joined by a man, and another person with a baby attached to her chest.  Before I knew it the whole town began eating the big monster, I smiled to myself and joined the whole town.  

I was stuffed and full, I realized all I need is desert.  KiwiYo, the frozen yogurt store.  I walked to the nearest KiwiYo store and bought a strawberry yogurt, with pineapple lumps and chocolate syrup.  Suddenly I was aware that there was a new topping, “dark gummy bears” ohh and dark gummy bears.  The waitress gazed at me, the look was very unfriendly and really grey.  She dumped the gummy bears onto my sundae and pushed it towards me.  Walking home, I noticed that my frozen yogurt seemed a little heavy.   Opened my plastic bag I there, was a terrifying Ice-man! (heheheheh get it, ice-man).

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