Monday, June 17, 2013

God strand


What God wants from me?
He wants me to preach and spread the word of the lord and live a very good life.  And also to be good to all my friends and my enemies.

What is stopping me from doing what God wants me to do?
The people I hang around with are doing bad every day,  It is hard to turn away from them.
GOD is......
Holy ghost
miracle maker
Our father.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Swimming pool recount

Today it was the first day for us to go swimming in the swimming pool with my class.  We all got got changed in our swimming togs and grabbed our towels, then sat on the matt.  Mrs Tui( our teacher ) told us the rules for the swimming pool and put us into two groups of fourteen.  When it was time to go to the pool we had two gazebo( tent ) to put our bags in.  It was time to swim, the chlorine inside the pool smelt very nice.  We had to walk in backwards into the pool, once I touched the water it seemed cold at first, but as time went by I got use to the water.  First we each got a number, then Mrs Tui played a game with:  If Mrs Tui called out our number we the people that number got called out has swim from one end to another.  After the little game we all done starfishes.  We had four more minutes left and we got free time, I was diving under water, I was having a competition with my friend.  


In maths I learnt addition and subtraction decimal equations and how to do decimals through a fun maths game.
18.39 + 12.82
140.6 + 18.9
194.4 - 291.14

Descriptive writing - Myself

I am learning to add detail to our descriptive writing. I wrote a descriptive writing about my self

I have two big dark brown eyes and straight, short hair and I am a medium build, I also have dark skin.  And a big wide smile, and also I have a small dimple on my left cheek.  I am a little chubby and I'm also intelligent.  I am a noisy person.  I am a very agreeable person.  I am very humble and friendly to all my friends and family,  and I am very calm.

I am very kind to my friends because I  share with my friends.  I love to play video games a lot of the time and I enjoy learning and doing maths.  I am a very amusing person because I love making my friends and family laugh.   I am very confident in my learning when I'm in a test or a quiz.  I very much enjoy sleeping, and I enjoy eating food and drinking fizzy drink( Junk food ).  I don't enjoy playing sports and I am really unfit.  I very enjoy being happy and joyful all the time and I like to be positive.