Friday, June 14, 2013

Descriptive writing - Myself

I am learning to add detail to our descriptive writing. I wrote a descriptive writing about my self

I have two big dark brown eyes and straight, short hair and I am a medium build, I also have dark skin.  And a big wide smile, and also I have a small dimple on my left cheek.  I am a little chubby and I'm also intelligent.  I am a noisy person.  I am a very agreeable person.  I am very humble and friendly to all my friends and family,  and I am very calm.

I am very kind to my friends because I  share with my friends.  I love to play video games a lot of the time and I enjoy learning and doing maths.  I am a very amusing person because I love making my friends and family laugh.   I am very confident in my learning when I'm in a test or a quiz.  I very much enjoy sleeping, and I enjoy eating food and drinking fizzy drink( Junk food ).  I don't enjoy playing sports and I am really unfit.  I very enjoy being happy and joyful all the time and I like to be positive.

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