Friday, May 9, 2014

Mothers day description!!

The coming up Sunday, is a very special day for all mothers, so I put together a descriptive writing based on a character that to me shows motherly love.  Instead of writing about my own mum, I wrote about my sister.  I wrote about her because I see motherly love in her.
To me, motherly love can not only come from your mother.  It can also come from any family, close friends or even teachers!  I think that in our lives, we should all be loved by our mothers, we also should respect them, love them and care for them no matter WHAT!!  Even though my mother also shares motherly love, there is one other person that I love, care for and look up to as a mother, I also see my sister as one also.

My sister Vera, is a loving and kind person.  She will always have a special place in my heart, and will always be a 2nd mother (of course after my real mother).  Her act of kindness is a very loving and committing act.  She is uptight at times, also selfish, and mean.  She is awful at times, we also have our ups and downs, but most of the time she will always be there for me!!  In times of struggle, I will always rely on her to pull me back up and also in times of happiness i’ll always rely on her to be joyful and cheerful with me.
She always puts others problems before hers, and always treats everyone with love and honesty.  She does everything gracefully and peacefully, and is a great role model and leader towards our future generation. 

 Despite, her being one in a million, she will always have a motherly love for me!
Even though, shes hardly home I will always treasure the moments we had in the past and also look forward to the moments we will have in the future.  She has shown me a new kind of love.  Defining her is very complexed and challenging!!  She has assembled a new person in me, and I am very proud to be that person today.

Also, speaking of motherly love, receiving motherly love is basically new life!  The best love in the world is motherly love, it is beautiful and delicate.  Motherly love is what makes life so useful and also gives as a whole lot of reasons to live life to the fullest!!

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  1. Hey Christian,
    Awesome Wrting, I'm so proud of you:-)
    Keep Up the Awesome Work Cousin