Monday, May 26, 2014

Acrostic poem.

Recently, our class in St Pius X School presented to the school a virtues assembly.  Our virtue we focused on is Kindness.  learning hub 1, my group, we created an acrostic poem.  An acrostic poem is when you use the letters of a selected word, and come up with relevant words.

K - K is for Knowing, Knowing what is right or wrong.

I - I is for intention, doing everything with good  intention.

N - N is nice, the nice things you can do to people that will make their day.
D - D is for Dynamic, bringing a Dynamic attitude wherever we go. Home or at School.

N - is for Numerous, for the numerous times we have attempted to change our cruel ways.

E - is for Effort, Having the effort to change our ways and looking after of our world.

S - S is for sense, having a sense of when to act right or wrong.

S - is for Sensible, being sensible at all times.

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