Friday, May 23, 2014

Virtues assembly review

Virtues assembly review.
In our school, every two weeks it is a tradition for a class as an individual to choose a virtue, and present that virtue in different ways to the rest of the school.  Today, our assembly was based on the virtue, kindness.  To present to the school we created an original song, poem and an acrostic poem.  Our group designed a original poem and a acrostic poem.  The assembly took place in our school hall.  One group made an original song about the virtue faith.  My group and I shared only 2 items, because we were not organized, but the others did awesome.  Sadly, we did not have enough effort to create a skit, or a song.  Though our assembly was still perfect.  As we presented our items, I felt a felling of guilt and shame, because I was forced to take leadership and cancel our skit.  

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