Friday, June 22, 2012

Giraffe story

Once upon a time there was a father giraffe, he was coming back from the banana tree, then suddenly a lion attacked the father giraffe,he was yelling and yelling then finally help came, it was a monkey he was throwing bananas at the lion, the lion ran away.
Morning came and mother giraffe was worried about father giraffe, monkey came to mother giraffe and said”i'm afraid I have bad news”mother giraffe knew that something bad happened to father giraffe so she asked”what happened?”, mokey told her the whole story....... 1 year later mother giraffe had a baby she named him Jimmy.
Six years later Jimmy was a tall giraffe and mother giraffe told Jimmy about his father, Jimmy was furious, so one night Jimmy gathered all his classmates and made a plan to escape the zoo and get revenge. They all marched out of the zoo and ran wild on the street. Jimmy tracked down the person who killed his dad. He found him and was angry, but he said he did not do it(Seven years ago.......)
Lion was running away from hunters in a nearby forest and he saw the giraffe he was scared, so he decided to attack the giraffe, the monkey came to help but the lion ran away, but the lion did not kill the father giraffe, the hunters did. Jimmy said” sorry”.
Jimmy and his friends went past a tv store, they were watching the news, “reporting that there was a dead giraffe, evidence say that it was two hunters..........10 YEARS LATER!!!!
Jimmy and mother giraffe, were all excited because they were having a new baby.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At St Pius X school in room 6 we are learning about education in the 1800's.
In St Pius X school in term 1 we were learning how to make our rubbish smaller.