Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014 year reflection !

Soon, the very end of they year 2014 will come.   This year was a tough one.   A year of exciting and upsetting days.  It is also the end of my intermediate years.  Next year I will be leaving to college, I am very excited to experience the new subjects and meet new people.   All though the year 8's of 2014 were an odd group of people, I will miss most of them.  Throughout this year we have learnt a lot about each other and geld together as a group.  This year we did a lot of very fun activities together and learnt quite a lot about teamwork.  Saying good-bye to this school isnt easy (but it isnt hard either).  

                                                        Good-bye St Pius !!

Advent scene

Dear everlasting God, help our community and parish make the important choices they need to make for the better of us.  Amen

<---- (the birth of Jesus)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Camp at Piha

I made a movie about our fabulous experience at Piha, it was amazing.  Seeing the synergy between every student. 
Our camp at piha!! (I had to link my work, sorry)

Biscuit making

Today, the te ranga tera group organised biscuit making session.  It was really fun and we got the opportunity to also eat it too!  First, we got a plain biscuit, then put on icing.  Then we added toppings (m&ms and gummybear).  Lastly we ate up the biscuits.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Expressive writing

The holidays are finished, now its time for me to switch back to learning mode! I wrote a piece of writing, based on my holidays. ENJOY!
During the holidays, I was forced out of my house.  My parents were furious, because of the amount of time I spent indoors.  I was told to at least go out for one day.  The coming Thursday, I planned to go to the movies!  My sister came with me to the cinemas.

We were running late for our movie, so my dad offered us a lift to Sylvia park.  When we arrived, we bought our tickets, they were dued in 30 minutes.  We went to the food court to get some food to eat.  I had buttered chicken!  To pass by more  time, we went walking around the mall.  25 minutes passed, and we bought popcorn and drinks for the movie.

Unfortunately we lost our tickets, we looked at the arcade, the food court and we all emptied our pockets, but our tickets were nowhere to be seen.  But, earlier we were identified by the ticket check-out person.  We asked him if he could let us through.  

Once I got home, I was exhausted!  I was also left with fun memories.  I had a nice dinner waiting for me to. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

My reading goals - GO ANIMATE!

Once again, I used GO ANIMATE to animate my goals for my learning.  I achieved all my goals I have set out for myself.
christian27r6jjj's Animation by christian27r6jjj on GoAnimate

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Writing goals - GO ANIMATE

Again, I used the website GO ANIMATE to show others my goals and levels.  So I animated it ^_^
My Writing goals by christian27r6jjj on GoAnimate

Math goals - GO ANIMATE

Using the new app, GO ANIMATE!  I made a little animation of myself explaining my math goals.  I am focusing on one main goal that really stands out, Ratio and Propotion.
My math goals by christian27r6jjj on GoAnimate
ENJOY! ^_^

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today we learnt how to use a new chrome app named GO ANIMATE!  We animated a animation about our learning and experiments.
Sadly, I couldn't find a way to put the video on my blog.  So I linked it.  ENJOY! 

Milk by Christian & Misiotei on GoAnimate

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Milk experience.



WHAT YOU NEED: a selection of 3 different type of milk
clear container

WHAT TO DO: Put  an equal volume of each type of milk in a clear container
Place each container in the freezer
Record what happens to each type of milk as it freezes.  Note its colour, texture and shape.
Record the time it takes to each variety to freeze.

Type of milk
what it looked like once it had frozen
Time taken to freeze
Up & go (chocolate milk)
Icy, cold, will not be runny.
30 minutes
Condensed milk
Light colour, Little bit sticky, Little bit gooey
An hour
Blue top
Icy, Cold,still runny
25 Minutes

Conclusion : Eventually, both the Up & go milk and blue top milk froze, but the condensed milk did not freeze.  This reason being is because in the Up & go and Blue top milk, they both contain milk.  In the condensed milk, it contains no water.  That is why both Up & go and Blue top milk froze. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

God created me....

Today, I had to create a google draw page to draw a title page.  This title page was based on why god created me.  Kinda like a brain storm.  This is my drawing.

Friday, June 13, 2014

This Science of Milk.

The Science of milk

Aim: Can we get water out of milk?

Process: (type in what was used and what was done,  in the order in which it was done)
eg Equipment
frying pan, plate etc.

Prediction: what do you think will happen and why?
I predicted that the milk in the pan will create fog and steam.  And I also predicted that it will bubble/sizzle up.

Method: what do you think made the changes happen?  It bubbled up (like I predicted) and it created fog, it evaporated into water and created powder on the lid.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The baptism of Jesus

This week for Religious Education,  I illustrated a picture of the baptism of Jesus.  The gospel is about how Jesus was baptized by his cousin, John the baptise and while he was getting baptized, a dove from heaven came down to earth.  Suddenly, a great big voice came from the sky saying, "you are my son!!".  Just then the sun started shinning on Jesus.  The dove that flew from the sky, represents the holy spirit.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Procedural writing / how to be a good friend

How to be a friend to someone else:

Step 1:
Find a person, who has a lot of things that are similar to you (or someone you think that will be perfect). 

Step 2:
When you find someone, talk to them and get to know them.  Once you have done that, be nice and caring towards them.

Step 3:
When you are both friends, always remind your friend to always use the virtues, such as :
Faith, Hope, Love, Caring, Helpfulness, Perseverance and Kindness.
A friend always keeps there peers out of trouble, not get them into trouble.

Step 4: 
When you have completed all these steps, remember that step 3, is the most important one that you should always use as a friend.

Step 5:
You are now a friend.  A friend is someone or something that will always be by your side, and support you to do good deeds and good things.  As a friend, you should never ever give up and always lead your friend into doing good.  Being a friend is not doing bad and not being insidious.  As a friend you should always be a comforter to your friends.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My summary.

While our normal teacher (Mrs Tui) we have a good reliever named Whaea terry, Whaea means teacher in maori.  I had to summarize up all the things we did with our wonderful new reliever.  I think that I reacted not to bad, nor not to good.  I think that I could of done better and treated her better.  As a classroom, we treated her pretty badly.  We could of done much better, because I know that our class has more potential.  Whaea is a very fun and cool teacher, but unforchantly she can not stay for long.  Her teaching experience is very good, she has taught in a lot of places including South Korea.  I have approached my learning in a bad way, I have lacked in self-control and over the past days I have treated her very bad.

Rate : out of 10, I rate myself a 7 / 10.  Even though I have been bad to our new teacher, I think that I focused and got on to my work. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My recent book review

Recently, I finished reading the book, The hunger games : MokingJay.  I found that the book was very interesting, entertaining and I highly recommend it for high level readers, and also a very mature audience.  The author of the book is Suzanne Collins, she is a very famous author.  She wrote all 3 of the hunger games series.  It was a very long book, MokingJay (the book I read) is the third part of the hunger games series.  Following, "the hunger games" and "the hunger games : catching fire".  The main character(s) in this book are Katness Everdeen, she is known as a fierce person, everyone has a hate for her.  Another is her partner, Peeta Mallark, in the book I read he was brain washed to kill her own partner.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Acrostic poem.

Recently, our class in St Pius X School presented to the school a virtues assembly.  Our virtue we focused on is Kindness.  learning hub 1, my group, we created an acrostic poem.  An acrostic poem is when you use the letters of a selected word, and come up with relevant words.

K - K is for Knowing, Knowing what is right or wrong.

I - I is for intention, doing everything with good  intention.

N - N is nice, the nice things you can do to people that will make their day.
D - D is for Dynamic, bringing a Dynamic attitude wherever we go. Home or at School.

N - is for Numerous, for the numerous times we have attempted to change our cruel ways.

E - is for Effort, Having the effort to change our ways and looking after of our world.

S - S is for sense, having a sense of when to act right or wrong.

S - is for Sensible, being sensible at all times.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Weaving - Procedural writing.

In room 7, we are learning how to create a procedural writing.  A procedural writing is basically a piece of writing that gives instruction on how to make or do something.  We were learning how to weave a mat, as you see in the picture above, most of us are struggling.  I found it pretty easy, but obviously we were only doing half the work that the real mat folders do.  Most of the people in my class were puzzled and confused.  After creating them, we wrote virtues on them and laminated them.  They looked awesome, we are planning to use them as a table cloth, to eat our food on.

Virtues assembly review

Virtues assembly review.
In our school, every two weeks it is a tradition for a class as an individual to choose a virtue, and present that virtue in different ways to the rest of the school.  Today, our assembly was based on the virtue, kindness.  To present to the school we created an original song, poem and an acrostic poem.  Our group designed a original poem and a acrostic poem.  The assembly took place in our school hall.  One group made an original song about the virtue faith.  My group and I shared only 2 items, because we were not organized, but the others did awesome.  Sadly, we did not have enough effort to create a skit, or a song.  Though our assembly was still perfect.  As we presented our items, I felt a felling of guilt and shame, because I was forced to take leadership and cancel our skit.  

My reflection.

The gospel of John, chapter 14. My reflection.

Today, the gospel was about how Jesus explained to his disciples that he is the way, the truth and the light.  He also told them that soon, he will be going back to heaven to prepare a place in Gods house.  He will return back to earth and will take his disciples with him.  One of his disciples named Philip questioned Jesus continuously, but his questions did not concern Jesus one bit .  Soon Jesus will go to heaven and do his job. We remember Jesus by all the good things and miracles he has preformed. In the gospel, Jesus represents the father (God), the son (Jesus) and the holy spirit (the trinity).

Short prayer:
Dear Jesus,
thank you for reminding us about our father, God. Help us to keep having faith and hope in you. May we practise the virtue of kindness, by preaching your word to the sick and the poor. And may we have a place in our fathers kingdom. Amen.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Holy spirit prayer

Today, in room 7 we had to write a prayer to the holy spirit. This is the prayer I wrote.

Dear holy spirit,
please help me to be strong and brave like Jesus once was.  Please give me the strength and perseverance to never give up.  Please forgive myself and others for the times I didn't follow in Jesus’s footsteps.  Help those who are non believers and the sinners to reconsider their choices and positions.  And help the believers to keep on believing and stay hopeful and loving towards you and the catholic and religious faith.  Please give us the commitment and effort, to never give up on you, Jesus and God.  Please be the loving and the caring holy spirit that you are and bless all the sick, poor and hurt.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My school holidays - recount

Recently, we had two whole weeks of no school and free time.  During the holidays, it was dell and boring.  Though I did one particular event that sparked up my holidays.  I wrote a recount based on that event and I decided to share it with you.  ENJOY :D

The school holidays, it lasts for at least 2 weeks exactly.  During the holiday 2 important occasions happened, Anzac day and Easter.  Anzac day, was a whole dedicated to the men who lost their lives fighting for our country in world war 2, we also pray for those who lost their lives in turkey.  Easter was a time we remember the beating, life and crucifixion of Jesus.  But, anyways lets head to my exciting, cool and happy holiday!

During the holidays,  mostly stayed home and helped my mum with house chores, though I did get the opportunity to go on a trip!  Organized by the marist brothers Kevin and Chris, and a couple of sacred heart students.  It was a long journey to the mountains, we were going to the beach and mountain of Huia (a very far place out in the west).  Before going on our trip, we had a roll check.  But, apart from that we started to pack and from there we went to the beautiful mountain/beach of Huia!!!

I was full of excitement and energy left from that energy drink I had that very morning.  Though on our way, we stopped at Remuera which is the location of Brother Kevin’s house, and met 4 young-adults that attend Sacred Heart.  We met and greeted them, first we told our name, then we told our form level and our habits.  Then again, from Remuera we left to Huia.

After around about 20 turns and 15 speed bumps, we finally got there!!!  It was exciting and half of my energy was drained by the amount of time it took for us to arrive to our destination.  I dashed to the beach quickly, getting my shoes dirty and started playing with the sand on the wet and soaked shore.  We were called to come into a house, owned by nuns and was directed to leave our bags on the balcony and go to the park.  

Doing as we were told, we all rushed to the basketball hoop and started playing a game of basketball.  The sun was shining bright over all of us, and heated us so much that most of us were sweating already.  “Boys, come here!!”, it was time for lunch.  We all gathered and surrounded the bench, were our sausages, lettuce and tomato sauce subs awaited.  But, of course before we ate, we said grace.  This meal was very delightful and delicious.  Setting off to climb mountain Huia, we all left our bags behind and scurried to the van.  

When we arrive at the destination, we all dashed to the river and started gazing at this beautiful sight.  We came across a field of grass and cows, the meadows were big and floorless.  We also came across a gigantic, old tree trunk it was huge.  Half way up, the path got very steep and it seemed like time was not in our favour.  We were left with one decision, we were forced to retreat back to the house owned by nuns and get ready to go home!!

As this day went by, we were sure to remember the good memories we had.  We were all regrouped back to school around the time the sun was shining bright still.  All of my energy was fully drained and I amused myself by gathering rocks and setting them in a line, while I was waiting for my dad.  

Mothers day description!!

The coming up Sunday, is a very special day for all mothers, so I put together a descriptive writing based on a character that to me shows motherly love.  Instead of writing about my own mum, I wrote about my sister.  I wrote about her because I see motherly love in her.
To me, motherly love can not only come from your mother.  It can also come from any family, close friends or even teachers!  I think that in our lives, we should all be loved by our mothers, we also should respect them, love them and care for them no matter WHAT!!  Even though my mother also shares motherly love, there is one other person that I love, care for and look up to as a mother, I also see my sister as one also.

My sister Vera, is a loving and kind person.  She will always have a special place in my heart, and will always be a 2nd mother (of course after my real mother).  Her act of kindness is a very loving and committing act.  She is uptight at times, also selfish, and mean.  She is awful at times, we also have our ups and downs, but most of the time she will always be there for me!!  In times of struggle, I will always rely on her to pull me back up and also in times of happiness i’ll always rely on her to be joyful and cheerful with me.
She always puts others problems before hers, and always treats everyone with love and honesty.  She does everything gracefully and peacefully, and is a great role model and leader towards our future generation. 

 Despite, her being one in a million, she will always have a motherly love for me!
Even though, shes hardly home I will always treasure the moments we had in the past and also look forward to the moments we will have in the future.  She has shown me a new kind of love.  Defining her is very complexed and challenging!!  She has assembled a new person in me, and I am very proud to be that person today.

Also, speaking of motherly love, receiving motherly love is basically new life!  The best love in the world is motherly love, it is beautiful and delicate.  Motherly love is what makes life so useful and also gives as a whole lot of reasons to live life to the fullest!!

My learning goals - Writing

Welcome to my E-asttle results and goals.
My writing goals are based on my E-asttle writing results.  I had to look at my results and see which places I lacked in, and were I had strengths!!
  1. Use 2 different kinds of sentences (Complex and compound)! 
  2. For punctuation, I want to be able to be at rubric level 5, and curriculum level 4.
  3. For Organisation, I want to be at Rubric level 5 and also, to learn how to organise different types of writings.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My new book - The best book day ever (so far).

Today I started a new book called "Best book day ever (so far)" (its the book on top).  It is about a boy, who has a grumpy sister and two parents that think making his costume for book day (a day at the school he attends when the children have to dress as any character from any book).  He makes a choice, he wants to go as "the iron man".  But things go terribly wrong.  

Author: L.Pichon  

Khan academy

It has been recommended from my teacher, that me and another group of people should do a couple of activities on the website Khan academy.  I've been playing for under a month and have earned 18 badges in total and 36,975 energy points.

 Link - www.dashboard/
Also shows maths stratagies and cool maths games, I recommend you to use it for cool maths information

Stage 8 basic fact test - thursday 10th April.


I have completed my daily basic facts test, today I was very confident in my fraction size and converting decimal points into percentages.  My final score was 24/40, I am quite disappointed.  I think I need to work on my HCF(Highest common factor) and LCF(Lowest common factor).

The life caravan feedback.

In the life caravan, Lynn (the instructor) taught us as a class about the importance of the food pyramid, the food pyramid is made up of 5 bits.  It shows the what food groups are more important than another part.  We also learnt that there are 7 important nutrients that needs to be in your body every single day.  We watched a animated video based on a advertisement and fast food, the main phrase was “You are what you eat!”.  We were paired into 7 groups of 3 and 4, and we had to study 1 of 7 nutrients (Protein, Fats, Fiber, Minerals, Carbohydrate, Vitamins and water).  She paired us up again and played mini game with us called “Picturonary”.  The instructions was, we received a word, and without using words or signs, the other two have to guess what the other person is attempting to draw.  That game was fun and challenging.  Fried chicken, Deep fried chips and chocolate mousse.  We had to try and figure out ways to make these dishes more healthy or less fatty.  The diagnoses for it was:
Fried chicken - Instead of frying, roast or bbq (try seasoning).
Deep fried chips - Season with herbs, and bake.
Chocolate mousse - lower the amount.
Though the caravan was fun, I think that we missed behaved and should give her an apology.   With the caravan, My class and I could learn in important lesson.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The life caravan!

Life caravan

On tuesday the 8th of April, we (room7) were invited as a class to learn a lesson in a caravan called “The life caravan”.  A lady named Lynn, she welcomed us warmly and kindly.  Tallest to shortest, in a boy and girls line.  2 Years ago was the last time I went into the caravan, then I was a year 6.  In the life caravan, we learnt about the use of our organs, bones and systems.  To me, I found the caravan pretty useful because I want to become a brain surgeon.  Ohh, and also she taught us the importance of making choices.  

The life caravan was fun, I really enjoyed it because it was cool learning about 12 - 14 of our body systems.  I remember learning about 3 of them on the internet (Digestive system, Skeletal system and nervous system).  She taught us a lesson about making choices.  While we were in the caravan we met a new friend, called Pat.  She was a pull together (a doll that can be pulled apart).  We had to pull apart her organs and study them.  My group and I received the heart, I learnt that the human heart beats over 70 time in a minute, and that blood from the left hand (vein) provides blood for the heart.

We also learnt about a couple of things that our bodies needs (oxygen, sleep, food and water and a good shower).  At the end of our session we got to met another friend, named Harold the giraffe.  We learnt about the difference between information and facts, the jobs of our organs, the best gift of all and why we need to think.  I found the caravan pretty complicated, if I were to describe it to another person who wasn't there, I would describe it as beening educated and fun at the same time.  

9/4/14 - Stage 8 Basic facts test.

9/4/14 - Today I did a maths basic fact test, it was stage 8.  I was very impressed about the amount of facts I got right.  Though I was not impressed on my time I finished.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My milk presentation.

My class and I had to make an individual presentation based on milk, we had to gather resources from the anchor milk site and convert it into a presentation.  This year, our inquiry topic is milk, this term we are looking at the health perspective of milk.  I think I did good, I was quite confident and very fluent.  I have shared my presentation with my classmates, and they have judged me out of 5.  Now its your turn, please comment below, and judge me out of 5 for my presentation ideas.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My maths test.7/4/14

Today, I sat a quick basic facts test and I am slightly disappointed and also pretty proud.  My next goal is to sit a stage 8 test.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why I want to go to Sacred Heart.

I had to write a couple of reasons why I want to go to Sacred heart.

Sacred Heart, is one of the BEST colleges in Auckland.  Provides fair education and has a high quality of profession and sportsmanship!  I would love to experience what its like to attend a Catholic and high academic achievement college.   

One of the reasons I want to attend Sacred Heart college is because I want to have a great education and a great job and career, for example I trust that Sacred Heart would help me become the person I want to be!  Going to Sacred Heart would be a pleasure and an honour!  It will help me to achieve in life.
I also want to carry on my family tradition.  My older brother, went through Sacred Heart and is now working as a police officer.  He is a great role model for me and he got that from going to Sacred.  That is why I would to go to Sacred Heart College and be successful.

Going to Sacred Heart would be very cool and fun because I know a couple of guys there and also I want to learn about the different subjects and cultures.  Also I want to attend Sacred Heart is because Sacred Heart is a all boys school, they also encourage us to play lots of sports and at the same time they also encourage us to get a good education.  If I get accepted into Sacred Heart my family and I would be happy and excited.  I think Sacred Heart would be a great place for me, because I believe in the catholic religion and Sacred Heart also believe in God.  At Sacred Heart I want to achieve all my goals and all my dream!  My brother inspires me, and he himself attended Sacred Heart.  He has a good education, a good career and a good life.  I trust that Sacred Heart would do the same for me.

At Sacred Heart I want to become head boy and make my family proud of me.  I will leave St Pius as a leader, but start college as another small person.  I want to inspire others to go to Sacred Heart.

My E-asttle test & results.

This is my E-Asttle test (a test I sit to see what my curriculum level is) for writing.

Thursday 3rd April 2014 / E-Asttle.
A friend, a friend is someone you can trust and rely on.  You can also put your faith in them, but not all friends are trustworthy.  They may come out very kind on the outside, but in the inside they are very cruel and brutal.  Though remember, not ALL friends are bad.

A good friend may be someone you honour, and it can be a person that compares a lot with you.  A good friend can be loyal to all the important life choices you make.  To others this person can be a creative person.  Friends should always be there for one another, they can be someone you work cooperatively good with.  Or someone “special” in your life.  A cheerful person,  or even joyful and supportive.  They are kind and compassionate, a good friend can be all sorts of different definition to a lot of different people.  Though a good friend can be a “bad” person to others.  Like for example, a gang member someone could be a good friend with a gang member because they are inspired by all the crimes and misfits there committed.  But we must learn to respect other peoples choices.

At the end of the day a good friend come in all different forms, tall or short, wide or skinny they still are good friends.  Some people don’t have a good friend, or even a friend.  Some people are lonely, but remember we all have different hobbies and favourites.  Yet we are all not alone, because we have GOD!  God is good friend to all of us because he is not only our creator, but he is also our one God who brought us Jesus, our saviour.  When I am lonely with no good friends, I turn to God.

A good friend is pretty much the same thing as a best friend.  Good friends can keep promises and secrets.  They can remind you when you are getting off track or when to stop and think.  With a good friend you can share a lot of good memories.  We make memories everyday with our good friends, we share good times, bad times and funny time.  Making new memories are fun and also they can be upsetting.  Memories can come in different sorts too.  Photos, videos, drawings and stories.  

Thats why to me the power of friendship is one of the most powerful, magnificent and happiest power of all.  Its what makes the world go round.

Rubric level



My goal is to reach level 5 for my Ideas.
My goal is to get a R5 or 6 for my structure.
My goal is to organise at level 4.
My goal is to reach R6 for vocabulary.
My goal is to reach level 4.
my goal is to receive a R5.
My goal for spelling is to reach R6.