Friday, May 9, 2014

My school holidays - recount

Recently, we had two whole weeks of no school and free time.  During the holidays, it was dell and boring.  Though I did one particular event that sparked up my holidays.  I wrote a recount based on that event and I decided to share it with you.  ENJOY :D

The school holidays, it lasts for at least 2 weeks exactly.  During the holiday 2 important occasions happened, Anzac day and Easter.  Anzac day, was a whole dedicated to the men who lost their lives fighting for our country in world war 2, we also pray for those who lost their lives in turkey.  Easter was a time we remember the beating, life and crucifixion of Jesus.  But, anyways lets head to my exciting, cool and happy holiday!

During the holidays,  mostly stayed home and helped my mum with house chores, though I did get the opportunity to go on a trip!  Organized by the marist brothers Kevin and Chris, and a couple of sacred heart students.  It was a long journey to the mountains, we were going to the beach and mountain of Huia (a very far place out in the west).  Before going on our trip, we had a roll check.  But, apart from that we started to pack and from there we went to the beautiful mountain/beach of Huia!!!

I was full of excitement and energy left from that energy drink I had that very morning.  Though on our way, we stopped at Remuera which is the location of Brother Kevin’s house, and met 4 young-adults that attend Sacred Heart.  We met and greeted them, first we told our name, then we told our form level and our habits.  Then again, from Remuera we left to Huia.

After around about 20 turns and 15 speed bumps, we finally got there!!!  It was exciting and half of my energy was drained by the amount of time it took for us to arrive to our destination.  I dashed to the beach quickly, getting my shoes dirty and started playing with the sand on the wet and soaked shore.  We were called to come into a house, owned by nuns and was directed to leave our bags on the balcony and go to the park.  

Doing as we were told, we all rushed to the basketball hoop and started playing a game of basketball.  The sun was shining bright over all of us, and heated us so much that most of us were sweating already.  “Boys, come here!!”, it was time for lunch.  We all gathered and surrounded the bench, were our sausages, lettuce and tomato sauce subs awaited.  But, of course before we ate, we said grace.  This meal was very delightful and delicious.  Setting off to climb mountain Huia, we all left our bags behind and scurried to the van.  

When we arrive at the destination, we all dashed to the river and started gazing at this beautiful sight.  We came across a field of grass and cows, the meadows were big and floorless.  We also came across a gigantic, old tree trunk it was huge.  Half way up, the path got very steep and it seemed like time was not in our favour.  We were left with one decision, we were forced to retreat back to the house owned by nuns and get ready to go home!!

As this day went by, we were sure to remember the good memories we had.  We were all regrouped back to school around the time the sun was shining bright still.  All of my energy was fully drained and I amused myself by gathering rocks and setting them in a line, while I was waiting for my dad.  

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