Thursday, May 29, 2014

My summary.

While our normal teacher (Mrs Tui) we have a good reliever named Whaea terry, Whaea means teacher in maori.  I had to summarize up all the things we did with our wonderful new reliever.  I think that I reacted not to bad, nor not to good.  I think that I could of done better and treated her better.  As a classroom, we treated her pretty badly.  We could of done much better, because I know that our class has more potential.  Whaea is a very fun and cool teacher, but unforchantly she can not stay for long.  Her teaching experience is very good, she has taught in a lot of places including South Korea.  I have approached my learning in a bad way, I have lacked in self-control and over the past days I have treated her very bad.

Rate : out of 10, I rate myself a 7 / 10.  Even though I have been bad to our new teacher, I think that I focused and got on to my work. 

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