Friday, May 23, 2014

My reflection.

The gospel of John, chapter 14. My reflection.

Today, the gospel was about how Jesus explained to his disciples that he is the way, the truth and the light.  He also told them that soon, he will be going back to heaven to prepare a place in Gods house.  He will return back to earth and will take his disciples with him.  One of his disciples named Philip questioned Jesus continuously, but his questions did not concern Jesus one bit .  Soon Jesus will go to heaven and do his job. We remember Jesus by all the good things and miracles he has preformed. In the gospel, Jesus represents the father (God), the son (Jesus) and the holy spirit (the trinity).

Short prayer:
Dear Jesus,
thank you for reminding us about our father, God. Help us to keep having faith and hope in you. May we practise the virtue of kindness, by preaching your word to the sick and the poor. And may we have a place in our fathers kingdom. Amen.

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