Friday, August 10, 2012


Archery is apart of the Olympics. In archery you use a bow and arrow to fire arrows at a target.

Archery has been a part of the modern Olympics for many years. Archery was not apart of the ancient games. Archery was included after 1900's summer Olympics.1900's did not have the technology we have today. Back then an archer used a normal bow and arrow, but in the modern Olympics we have better equipment that help Archers get a better score.

The 26 year old I'm Dong Hyun is blind on his left eye, he comes from south Korea and he is a two time gold medalist in archery in the last two Olympics.He has also broken the world record for archery at the London Olympics 2012. He is also part of the Korean mens archery team. They have also won many gold medals together.

Unfortunately New Zealand does not have an archery team or an archer so I go for Im Dong Hyun and the Korean archery team.  

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