Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My recent book review

Recently, I finished reading the book, The hunger games : MokingJay.  I found that the book was very interesting, entertaining and I highly recommend it for high level readers, and also a very mature audience.  The author of the book is Suzanne Collins, she is a very famous author.  She wrote all 3 of the hunger games series.  It was a very long book, MokingJay (the book I read) is the third part of the hunger games series.  Following, "the hunger games" and "the hunger games : catching fire".  The main character(s) in this book are Katness Everdeen, she is known as a fierce person, everyone has a hate for her.  Another is her partner, Peeta Mallark, in the book I read he was brain washed to kill her own partner.

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  1. Hey Christian..
    What an awesome book, I'm reading it
    as well. Awesome review:-)
    Keep up the great and awesome work.
    From Sonya:-)