Friday, July 25, 2014

Expressive writing

The holidays are finished, now its time for me to switch back to learning mode! I wrote a piece of writing, based on my holidays. ENJOY!
During the holidays, I was forced out of my house.  My parents were furious, because of the amount of time I spent indoors.  I was told to at least go out for one day.  The coming Thursday, I planned to go to the movies!  My sister came with me to the cinemas.

We were running late for our movie, so my dad offered us a lift to Sylvia park.  When we arrived, we bought our tickets, they were dued in 30 minutes.  We went to the food court to get some food to eat.  I had buttered chicken!  To pass by more  time, we went walking around the mall.  25 minutes passed, and we bought popcorn and drinks for the movie.

Unfortunately we lost our tickets, we looked at the arcade, the food court and we all emptied our pockets, but our tickets were nowhere to be seen.  But, earlier we were identified by the ticket check-out person.  We asked him if he could let us through.  

Once I got home, I was exhausted!  I was also left with fun memories.  I had a nice dinner waiting for me to. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

My reading goals - GO ANIMATE!

Once again, I used GO ANIMATE to animate my goals for my learning.  I achieved all my goals I have set out for myself.
christian27r6jjj's Animation by christian27r6jjj on GoAnimate

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Writing goals - GO ANIMATE

Again, I used the website GO ANIMATE to show others my goals and levels.  So I animated it ^_^
My Writing goals by christian27r6jjj on GoAnimate

Math goals - GO ANIMATE

Using the new app, GO ANIMATE!  I made a little animation of myself explaining my math goals.  I am focusing on one main goal that really stands out, Ratio and Propotion.
My math goals by christian27r6jjj on GoAnimate
ENJOY! ^_^

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today we learnt how to use a new chrome app named GO ANIMATE!  We animated a animation about our learning and experiments.
Sadly, I couldn't find a way to put the video on my blog.  So I linked it.  ENJOY! 

Milk by Christian & Misiotei on GoAnimate