Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The life caravan!

Life caravan

On tuesday the 8th of April, we (room7) were invited as a class to learn a lesson in a caravan called “The life caravan”.  A lady named Lynn, she welcomed us warmly and kindly.  Tallest to shortest, in a boy and girls line.  2 Years ago was the last time I went into the caravan, then I was a year 6.  In the life caravan, we learnt about the use of our organs, bones and systems.  To me, I found the caravan pretty useful because I want to become a brain surgeon.  Ohh, and also she taught us the importance of making choices.  

The life caravan was fun, I really enjoyed it because it was cool learning about 12 - 14 of our body systems.  I remember learning about 3 of them on the internet (Digestive system, Skeletal system and nervous system).  She taught us a lesson about making choices.  While we were in the caravan we met a new friend, called Pat.  She was a pull together (a doll that can be pulled apart).  We had to pull apart her organs and study them.  My group and I received the heart, I learnt that the human heart beats over 70 time in a minute, and that blood from the left hand (vein) provides blood for the heart.

We also learnt about a couple of things that our bodies needs (oxygen, sleep, food and water and a good shower).  At the end of our session we got to met another friend, named Harold the giraffe.  We learnt about the difference between information and facts, the jobs of our organs, the best gift of all and why we need to think.  I found the caravan pretty complicated, if I were to describe it to another person who wasn't there, I would describe it as beening educated and fun at the same time.  

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