Friday, March 21, 2014

My soul-friend for 2014

photo.JPGExplanation writing - Soul friends! As a tradition at St Pius X Catholic school we choose a SOUL-FRIEND!   A soul-friend is a citizen of the junior school and has been partnered up with an citizen from the senior school.  They become partners for the rest of the year.  As a Catholic school we have to look after them and inspire them and become a role model. Your soul-friend also is your BEST-FRIEND!, there always there for you and there your comforter and your friend.  Having a soul-friend is basically having another friend.

My class and I was partnered up with junior students and I was partnered up with a young girl named Olidah.  She told me a couple of her favourite hobbies and food.  She is a Samoan girl, her favourite book and movie is Harry Potter, she says she likes it because of the spookiness and the adventures.  Her favourite program is Jessie, she likes watching that because she thinks it funny.  She likes drinking coke, eating pizza (pepperoni) and playing on her brothers Xbox 360.  Her favourite subject is Math and for maths she is stage 4.  She is 8 years old and loves the colour blue, and likes the sport netball.  Her favourite teacher is Mrs Williams and she likes eating apples.   

And finally, of course (who doesn't?) her favourite cartoon is SPONGE-BOB SQUARE PANTS.  As her soul-friend I have to commit to making her happy, cheering her up when she is sad and being her good friend.  I also shared a couple of my hobbies too.  A soul-friend also has to follow the way of Jesus so that they can both be like Jesus.  That is why a soul-friend is apart as our catholic religion and tradition at our school.

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