Friday, August 5, 2011

My Holiday

On a sunny day I went to my cousin’s house to sleep over.
We were playing a game called Red Alert 3 and we were playing it on the computer.
After a while we played a game called Need for Speed, Most Wanted and we went to sleep at 12:35am.
In the morning we were watching a movie called Rio, later on we were cleaning I found a dollar so we walked to a shop and brought a 50 cent bag of lollies.
When we got back Salamona and his mum came to pick us up so we could eat breakfast over at their house. We had hot chocolate with marshmallows, toast, eggs and baked beans.
When I got home I was playing my new game called Sonic Unleashed, it is about a person named Sonic and he has 2 sides. On one side is bad and the other side is good.

The next day was the day I went to the movies with my older brother, we were watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I went with my older sister and my younger nephew in the movie. My favorite character was Bumblebee.
The movie was very cool.

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