Thursday, March 21, 2013


e whole field lastly we had to run around the whole field . To me it  was very tiring and fun at the same time .  The room 7 girls went before us(room 7 boys).  When it was time for our turn I was very nervous.
On a calm day room 7 and 6 got the chance to do triathlon. Mostly known as Swim, Bike, Run . Early in the morning room 7 and 6 got changed into our togs. I was very excited because I there was a slide .   Room 6 girls went first then it was the room 6 boys . We had to slide on the slide four times then we had to choose a bike then ride around th

The room 7 boys rushed around the slide four times.  Then I ran to a bike then picked it up.  It was really hard to pedal because it was on grass it was even hard to stay sitting on our bikes.  When I got to transition I hopped off my bike and started running as fast as I could.  Once I got to the finish line I was so puffed that I could hardly talk.  At the end of triathlon I felt proud because I completed triathlon.

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